One of Many Legacies

In 2013 20 month old Megan Dugan died suddenly. Her parents set up a Teddy Bear Legacy and over the next 8 months, friends and relatives donated more than 700 teddy bears to children in UNM Children’s Hospital in New Mexico. Those cuddly teddy bears brought smiles to the faces of all those hospitalized children and they helped all the people who donated them cope a little bit better with the grief of Megan’s loss.


Who Gets The Bears?

Children in the hospital. Simple as that.

Each hospital has a Child Life Director and the Director and staff decides which child receives a bear and when. Their biggest problem is there are way more children in need than there are teddy bears available to give.

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Which hospitals are involved?

Any of the 170 Children’s Miracle Network hospitals across the U.S. can receive teddy bears donated through the Teddy Bear Legacy.

Parents will select which Children's Miracle Network Hospital they want the donated teddy bears to go to when they set up the Legacy in their child's name.

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Not Participating in a Legacy?

Just want to donate cuddly teddy bears to children in the hospital? No problem. Click the link below and follow the prompts. All your donations will go to comfort children in UNM Children’s hospital in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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